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A visit to Top Drawer and Home 2015

This week I went to have a sneaky peek at homeware, gift and fashion trends exhibited at Top Drawer and Home in London.

Amongst a stunning array of products for the home and to give away which entered my list of favourite products to design for I also met one of my most admired artists and just fully indulged in the many colourways, fabric textures, eco-materials and beautiful illustration and pattern ideas.

Just look at these stunners for the coffee table designed by Sarah Young - just arrived in Magpie online stores.

Absolutely gorgeous, but here are my favourite picks in the range of beautiful, practical and clever - one by one:

1. The DM Collection by Daniel Mackie



I met the one and only Daniel Mackie, who displayed his stunning range of beautifully illustrated animal cards & prints. He currently offers them omn greeting cards, prints, coasters and notebooks, but I totally see them on pottery, bags, maybe even as a fashion print and on other art gift products. I adore his detail-oriented, imaginative illustration style and could not resist to get a large print of my favourite - The Tiger.

2. Sanni Shoo Pads



I was lucky enough to meet Susanne, the maker of those handy shoo pads. Available in 3 sizes and various fresh colours they truly take out the hassle of storing away the dirty dribblers after a rainy day. Kiddos will probably never say ‘BOOOORING’ again when asked to leave their boots on those practical shoe-shaped pads. Amazing product and easy to clean and hang up on dry days. I took a couple of them home and they got immediately occupied. (The greedy shoe monsters did not even leave a space for my boots.)

3. CleverstiX



These nifty little helpers will make tiny fuzzy eaters to big food lovers. Check out the video on their website, there are more benefits than supporting children's eating habits. I wish I had this clever thing when my son was moving to solids... Now at 7 (he prefers finger food over main dishes that require him to use proper cuttlery) it is probably a bit late to start with these, but here is to a fun feeding experience for this key transition in children's development. (;

I definitely went away with more ideas than time to go after them, but it was so worthwhile getting away from my desk and absorbing the creative trends and enjoyable display of this trade fair.

So long,


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