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Holiday Doodles

It's the holidays for many of us and I am looking forward to some time off the computer and to immersing myself into exploring new things and doodeling whenever possible. I am exited to visit some Baltic Sea resorts (Wismar and Zierow) in Germany that I have not seen before and I will follow up on Instagram / Facebook with some impressions.

For now I'd like to invite you to check out a really fun Instagram collaboration initiated by the wonderful illustrator and surface pattern designer Johanna Fritz @JohannaFritzIllustration. She called for her Insta followers to join in with her 365 days daily doodle initiative and some very talented doodlers and illustrators from all over the place have joined in the event. She'll post a daily theme and it is wonderful to see so many beautiful ideas on paper flying into the virtual Insta studio every day. Check them out on #365doodleswithjohannafritz and maybe I see your doodles there too.

Best wishes,


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