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I. Leafy Friends & Blooming Beauties


Favorite past time of all times must be sitting in a garden, park, field or wood and looking at the natural beauty surrounding me and listening to the peaceful sound of the trees swaying in a formation dance and the chatty, inquisitive sound of the birds. I could sit there like that for hours, but hey... this world is not made for dreamy girls, or is it? Come along and be inspired by my garden adventures.


I see these designs on wallpaper, wall decals, throw pillows and home accessories, aimed at bringing the ambient of a colourful, refreshing garden a little closer into your home.

II. Foody Designs
Fruit Salat favorites tossed & mixed a gusto


Fruit Fruit Fruit - I cannot get enough! Here are some of my favorites and be assured, I will be working on more jummy designs. They are all hand drawn, photographed, and traced, textured and coloured in Adobe Illustrator and applied onto some product ideas in Photoshop.


Don't they make lovely breakfast accessories?


I can see a lot of applications in the homeware and kitchen utensil market for these. Do get in touch if you have more ideas for these juicy beauties. I would love to design for product ranges in the homegrown retail market.



A British classic, the Fish & Chips theme will surely cheer up every traditional and modern kitchen, so here is a selection of Fish that will make cute looking tea towels.


Basta Pasta

I am living a life as 'Mama Miraculi on a Mission' inventing new pasta sauces every time we have the yummy, chewy thingies for dinner. Its a challenge if you have to feed a pack of veg-disliking meat-eaters, while I myself getting closer and closer to being Vegetarian. So here is a homage to my favorite way of making Pasta: Tons of veggie favorites frying in a big wok, seasoned with fresh herbs and garlic, complemented by some farfalle, penne and their likes. Bon Appetito!

III. Photo, Water Colour Brush, Collage and CO.


This series is a mixed media work with photo-collage enhanced with photoshop brushes and put into pattern.

Natural Decay can be found in many areas of life, I have focussed on plant, aqua and metallic waste or stains.



Aqua Stain: This design reflects the natural decay of water and wants to warn about the dangers to wildlife. The water decay was observed and photographed in our son's paddling pool and further collaged in Photoshop into three more photos adding more texture and projecting deceased life into the pool, i.e. shells and mussels and with a few teal brush strokes I added a drop-like texture. The cube pattern I made with Adobe Illustrator, masking the design to a mini square pattern representing the thousands of ice cubes melting into the Arctic Sea. The products show possible fashion applications and I really love the idea of a layered fish net design carrying a the message that human consumption is endangering oceanic wildlife. 



Eco Compost and BBQ Rost are two design variations of this concept, showing natural decay in plants and bushes and on metallic bbq equipment. 


Splitter Splatter 


I believe only Germans really appreciate the importance of a well made 'Breakfast Board' aka Frühstücksbrett. These sturdy little melamine plate replacements are just perfect to make and eat sandwiches (because they are simply flat all around, nearly unbreakable and oh such a great space saver for camping). You see them a lot in my homeland often with funny illustrations, jokes or just fun designs. So here is my cheeky attempt to make the handy boards travel the world.


I created these splatter board designs using wildly mixed colour splatters, which remind me of what a messy artist workspace looks like when the creative soul is endulging in their happiest moments. I like that the colourways let the user imagine the sphere these may reflect to them. These designs allow for an endless variation... just like how a free spirit would want to feel.


P.S. Check out my fruity range for a juicy alternative.


IV. Travelling Elements
Time Traveller

Time Traveller is a timeless collage of items that have travelled the times of my life and some of my loved ones. Gifts I found while travelling overseas, notes of deceased currencies, maps, drawing sheets and repair slips and other revived testimates of the last century remodelled into a fresh, tropical colour palette that will not likely age. 

Psychedelic Summer


Psychedelic Summer is a gradient colour mesh, that will carry us through late hot summer nights or memories of them. For me this is Berlin and so its no surprise that a landmark site of the city is incorporated in the design.


Sky Dive 


The 'Sky Dive' travel collection is inspired by wild swirls, air bubbles and upsteaming thermic lines. Kind of the must-have-design for Air Travelers, but really any travel accessory would stand out from ever so boring luggage mountains at airports, train stations and in hotel lobbies. Safe Travels & Keep Floating!


Dream Cloud 


My 'Dream Cloud' collection is inspired by dreamy clouds, air bubbles and upsteaming thermic lines. The accompanying collection to Sky Dive, but made to taste for the mini-explorer. Enjoy dreaming!




Wave Dude + Surf Gal


Creating a surf board design is such a fun thing to do.

For 'SPLASH!' I reworked one of my favorite drop paintings, made a repeat and coloured them with watercolour swatches in Illustrator. Just looking at them is so refreshing. The 'Retro Surf' Design is a lovely girly theme and was inspired by palm trees I photographed and flowers I drew in sunny Cádiz in the South of Spain.

The summer shirt design is kind of a merge between surf waves and sky dive swirls and really combines the two elements that meet to make a stunning surf ride.


V. Past Times - Abstracts, geos, ornaments and mundane shapes.
Past Time Reworked Classics


The 'Purple Lace' and 'Timeless' Collections are here to make a statement on the wall, but could also be seen on luxury homeware items. Golden shapes and Silver shades symbolise the classic elegance of the past times, while the chosen ornament is timeless and kept simplistic. It is actually a photograph of a carpet pattern that I remodeled to make it a layered repeat. The slightly twisted look I created by placing the repeat pattern into a hexagon and by giving it a little bounce to one side, when playfully exploring manual and technical repeat options.




Leaf Dance


The 'Leaf Dance' was inspired by one of my drawings of tulips and leafs and the orderly leaf assembly reminds me of line dancing, hence the name. I can see these designs work well in an elegant home as statement wall stickers, or feature wall wallpaper, but who knows... you might want to see the leafs dancing on an evening dress? Let me know, I am really keen to know.

VI. Children's Designs & Illustration 


What have Ice Cream, Mr. Whale and the Stripe Fish, Snap the Crab and a bunch of crazy birdies in common? They could all be found during a summer beach holiday or settled in a wee one's room. Enjoy these select designs I made for the children accessories and gift market.


It happens that most ideas come to me when we are out and about, exploring the woods or camping at the seaside. I am working on mermaids and pirates to give the sea creatures some lifely companions, but the next generation of children designs is already cruising through my mind. I'd be keen to know which characters are your favorites?

VII. Experiments 


Some designs happen accidentially and some are thoughtful exploration to step further on the ever so steep development curve. It is so much fun when a design grows out a totally random activity, like painting walls.


I often go back to design drafts and skribbles that I saved at a time, but did not know what to do with it then and then months later, an idea jumps at me and I dig them out again.


I love experimenting and exploring with themes and media and I am always surpised by what ideas come out of messy play. Who knows - it could well be that the play with a paint bucket becomes the next big fashion trend.


I like Bucket Feet, a canvas shoe brand based in California. They support young artists by providing them a fashionable surface and invite designers to submit their art. I'd really love to see my designs on these fancy trainers one day.

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