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I am a self-taught artist. With a BSc. in Economics and Tourism and a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing my professional background is about creating and promoting international travel and financial products and customer online experiences. I studied the fundamentals of brand and product design and the process of campaign management, but the one thing, that inspired me most while in the corporate world was working alongside the creative folks and manufacturers and the joy I felt when being an active part of the making.


To nurture my desire to create things my own way, I signed up with MakeItInDesign, a design school offering The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design course series, which introduced me to the key essentials from designing and developing a signature style, to running my own business. I studied with the Lilla Rogers Studio School and completed module MATS A, a certified design course which took me to design for Home Decor, Gift, Wall Art, Children's illustration and Bold Fabric markets. I cannot praise enough the wonderful, talented and awesomely engaged coaches and students in both design communities, who encouraged me to spice up my abilities and create artwork that reflect my idea of artful design.


Andrea Leupold Designer // Art Salat 


Design trends are an ever changing mix of cultural influences & artistic ingredients, constantly (re)defined by new ways of living. Every design or piece of art is as individual as the creative soul behind. To me this is the true spirit of a fresh, beautiful and personal design.

With my little design studio Art Salat (Art : English + Salat : German, to include both my language in residence and native tongue), I am offering a colourful, happily tossed mix of surface pattern design and illustrations for homeware, fashion, travel gift and life-style products. I love to design for grown & growing-ups and in my work, I combine doodles, sketches and textures from painting as well as photography. I then process my inspiration from paper to software (mainly using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or lately with the Astropad App), in form of illustrations, placements or pattern repeats that can be used for a variety of gifts & lifestyle products. I am crazy about fresh and soothing colours. I am inspired by nature, creatures, flower gardens, seaside sceneries, oriental mandalas, but also abstract or geometric motifs as found in architecture and graphic design. 

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A selection of my work can be seen in my portfolio. I also license select designs and welcome freelancing opportunities to work on diverse subject matter for a variety of markets.


All artwork displayed is subject to Copyright. Please do not download, copy, rework or otherwise use any of my artwork without my prior consent. If you would like to share any of my work you are very welcome to do so, but please reference me as the originator and link to the original source of my artwork.


If you see something that sparks an idea for your upcoming project, I would love to hear from you.



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