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MakeItInDesign Summer School Diaries (Week 2)

Week 2 of 4 at the Summer School 2015 was all about having fun and getting back to the drawing board. I was doodling, painting, dribbling water colours, playing with shapes, motifs and textures. Oh what fun. I took one of the two challenges and drew a few things I had never drawn before, for example these two subject matters:

1) Instruments

Inspired by some musical instruments present in our household, which are frequently neglected, I thought I give it a try and draw them using pencil, inkpen and my lovely water colours. I think it is not too bad.


2) Tomb Stones

I admit this is a very weird idea, but inspired by a walk across London's Highgate Cementary East with my friend Petra, who interviewed me (and a few other Expats in their current country of residence) about how I wanted 'my last journey' to be, I got pinched by the question whether or not there is such a thing as a professional tomb stone designer. I'm for one am sure I am not going down this route, as I'd rather design for more lively surfaces, but during our walk we saw many different shapes, motifs, scultpures, inscriptions and cultural differences from historic and recent times, that I was intrigued to scribble along some random ideas.

#3-5 remain WIP... the holidays are near and the list of items I have not drawn is pretty long including robots, cranes, railway trains and matchbox cars, doors and windows, scissors, needles, microwaves and lamp shades... Some of these might peek out in week 4.



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