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Hello lovelies. Here is

YAY! My little design studio Art Salat by Andrea Leupold is officially online. is my new surface pattern design & illustration website and I am so chuffed I did it, that I am temporarily suffering from a well tossed mixture of feelings consisting of excitement, uncertainty and pride. Over the next 1-2 months, which in the northern hemnisphere are called the Summer holidays, I am going to plan out my next design adventures and what useful things I am going to share with you, so hang in for more to come. I shall be sharing upcoming themes I am designing for, let you take a peek in selected sketchbook pages and occasionally you may snap up free recipes as a result of my food experiements, which I will be posting out every now and then.

Have a browse, fellow students and lovely design community, bookmark my site, check out my portfolio to see my latest creative adventures and check in with me on Facebook or Instagram to get my future blog posts.

I'd like to think of my design route as wanting to add a colourful sparkle to travel accessories, fashion and homeware gift market for grown and growing-ups. If you work in design licensing or commission independent artists to design for modern lifestyle products and like what you see here - do please get in touch.

To protect the Copyright of my designs please do not download, copy, reproduce or otherwise use any of the designs shown here or on my other communication channels without my prior conscent and if you'd like to pin my artwork for your inspiration kindly credit my work by naming the source.

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