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Welcome in my magic world of

Illustration and Surface Pattern Design

Fruity Breakfast Accessories
Juicy Sisters
Fruit Collection Strawberry Basket
Fruit Collection Green Cherry Tree
Birdie Pattern
Marguerite Collection Wall Sticker
Maigloeckchen Leaf Pattern
Psychedelic Summer Waves
Sun Chair Psychedelic Summer Waves
Basta Pasta Collection Main
Basta Pasta Complement Salsa
Fish & Chips Tea Towel Designs
Fish & Chips Complement
Fish & Chips Complement
Tulips and Leafs Collection
TulipsandLeafs Collection Complement
Sky Dive Travel Accessories
Sky Dive Swirls Navy
My Favorite Ice Creams
Happy Birthday Wreat
Splatter Boards by Artsalat
Timeless Collection: Purple Lage
Timeless Collection: Gold Blue Ornaments
Dream Cloud Travel Accessories
Dream Clouds
Aqua Stain Bath Curtain Mock Up
Artsalat Bucketfeet AquaStain Mock
Artsalat Bucketfeet EcoCompost Mock
Artsalat Bucketfeet BBQ Rost Mock
Kiss or Hug Fun Fish Illustration
Splash Surfboard Mocks
Bloob Whale
Mr Whale and the Stripe Fish Collection
Birdies Assembly Collection
Birdies Wallpaper Mock Up
Totebag Summer Smiley
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